Sunday, January 30, 2011

Damned To Fail

We pay the government taxes and fees to provide services to us. In the absence of competition or any motive other than altruism for innovation or efficiency, the work done, the product, or service provided, is often substandard or nonfunctional.

Private enterprise offers another way to recieve services. Since private enterprises must make a profit to survive, they compete with one another for customers, and customer's money. On the one hand, this can lead naturally to innovation as a way of attracting customers. This can also lead to effiency as a means of avoiding waste and overhead costs. On the other hand, often private enterprise results in other strategies such as lying, cheating, and manipulation in order to make a profit, reduce thier overhead costs, and/or attract customers. Thus, the work done, the service, or product, provided by private enterprise is often substandard or nonfunctional.