Tuesday, February 5, 2008

A Suggestion for Moths

Moths are attracted to flames. They will travel quite a long distance to reach one in fact. Lights too, it turns out. They like heat, and they are persistent. Persistence is usually such an important trait, so positive, but in this case, when it is combined with endurance and hyper-activity it is deadly. The moth decides to claim its prize by flying into the light or flame. Thus purposefully or by accident the individual ends up burned, maybe to death, maybe not.

Okay, but that aside there is a way out of this mess. It requires work of course, but the answer is right in front of the moth. All that is needed for all of its dreams to come true beyond its wildest conceptions is to change its habits. The moth must learn to wake during the day. It takes work is all, and may be slow, but the answer is there.

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