Saturday, February 9, 2008


you know what the problem with this blog format is? it is that if you try and write some sort of consecutive things that are related to one another, you end up with the problem that a reader will inevitably start reading in the middle. Then, to make sense of what is being read, they scroll DOWN to the next article. The result of this is that people are reading what you are trying to tell them backwards and this of course changes the structure of the point one might try and make. You can, of course, choose to display your blogs with the first post first and set it up so that it scrolls chronologically downwards with the most recent at the bottom, however then when someone firsts visits your blog, the date of what appears to be your first post reads some old date like May 14, 1989 and this also discourages readers.

So if you are reading this, and you realize you are in the middle of something alread in progress (which I try to designate in my titles) please return to part one and start there and then read the others, thus things might make more sense.


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