Friday, January 4, 2008

European Tour

I have no idea what order things happen in though they end up having one, and so:

Sunday 6th
Helbaard! Den Haag, NL
In the Eye of Vision
Core of the Coalman

Jan 7,8,9
various undefined actions not yet determined
as to their location or structure

Thursday 10
Salon Bruit @k77
Lichtblick Kino
Kastanienallee 77
Berlin, Germany

Sunday 13
Hamburg, Germany
Radio FSK

Monday 14
at Occii in Amsterdam
Amstelveenseweg 134
door at 21:00
Core of the Coalman
Silver Salts

Friday 18
Udine, Italy
at Edera
Core of the Coalman

Saturday 19
in Reggio Emilia, IT
Core of the Coalman

Sunday 20
at Lokomotive
in Bologna, IT
Above the Tree
Core of the Coalman

Monday 21

remains to be seen

Tuesday 22
Milanos, It
at showcase
Core of the Coalman
Above the Tree

Wednesday 23
Senagallia, IT
at Zabumba
Core of the Coalman
and mysterious other

Thursday 24
Arrezos, It
at Libreria Arrezo
Above the Tree
Core of the Coalman

Friday 25
I think we are in Firenze

Saturday 26
I think we are in Verona

(sometimes I am not sure where I am or what I am doing)

Sunday 27
Verona, It
at Villafrancas
Core of the Coalman

Monday 28
Vienna, Austria
Core of the Coalman
Above the Tree
others yet unknown
(this is Marco Eneidi's series so I am very excited to be playing here but I havent alot of info yet because we just organized it, I believe it is located at
Celeste and starts at 22:00
Jazzkeller im Celeste
18 Hamburgerstrasse 1-1050 Wien

Wednesday 30
Prague, Czech Republic
at 007 Strahov
koleje UUJ Blok 7
Chaloupekého 7
169 00 Praha 6
Core of the Coalman
Above the Tree

you can hear Above the Tree who I am doing the entire Italian part of my tour + several dates at the end with at

You can hear my Jorge Boehringer Core of the Coalman here page

and read it here