Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Form Is Inevitable, Part 2

Form is built out of other forms. Structures, in the sense of the elements of which a single body is constructed and Processes, interactions between these elements. Form is also defined by its environment to a large extent, and in a parallel way analogous to its interactions within this environment.

In other words, the environment defines its physical body through its own systems of Structures which interact with individual Forms physically. At the same time, environmental Processes are interactions between the Form and other forms which together create the environment. A form apprehended and those apprehending it define themselves both in terms of their own physical mass and structure, and the mass, structure, and effects of their interactions within the environment that is their own creation. Thus an environment is defined and evolves at the same instant.

The environmental processes and structures with respect to a particular form spiral out from that form creating eddies around themselves and other existants within the environment. These eddies can be thought of as a lattice of structures within the environment (rigid or static structures within a crystalline frozen picture) or as vectors (active, moving) which define the shift in meaning and physical intensity between processes of interaction between forms and their structures.

The vector image of these interactions could be graphed as three dimensional waves or as lines of force (the lattice idea) displaying in a frozen moment the constructive and destructive interferences between all existants within an environment and even within a singular form. The processes and structures within each could be shown to spiral out from the center of each disturbance or action in a wave like manner in at least three dimensions, in turn effecting the structure/processes and the effects, themselves propagating like wave vectors in a similar manner of all other forms in the environment.

A thing which exists can be denied neither form nor structure.
As such, make sense of this:


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