Thursday, November 29, 2007

Boudník's Theory of Super-Energy As Applied Arbitrarily to The Present Situation

The resources of music have been opened completely to include everything, and yet the idea of 'music' has gained, rather than lost, meaning. Through work with experimental forms, music now includes many other fields, some not even sounding. Music, by its natures and through the florid embodiment of its manifold forms has led musicians to explore and collaborate with others directly exploring areas as far flung as time, acoustics, cultural theory, architecture, consciousness and neurosciences both physiological and otherwise, techological reasearch, memory, semiotics, artificial intelligence, religious ritual and spiritual practice, mathmatics, and psychology. Musicians have explored these fields in ways both general and highly specific, and continue to do so moving with infinite method outward and inward in infinite direction.

Of course, not every individual is moving in every direction at once, but together this seems to be what is happening. I am a musician, but I am writing about sound. I am really writing about all the arts, and their development as I see it from a certain perspective. This multiplicity of perspectives seems a trait in the arts of today, doesn't it? Even if every artist represents only a single view (and most represent many) and finds a single form to express it (most again, find many) the opportunity here for receiving new ideas, new views and sounds is incredible. The multiplicity of perspectives itself is amazing and the potential unknown. Its effect on culture is also unknown, but from my perseptive seems that it could only benefit a human race that must realize the need for shared reasources in order to sustain life, which is itself perhaps an experimental form.

It is nice that once resources are totally liberated, and the artist is open to do anything or nothing, that there is still the inevitablity that something will happen. People exhibit a strong desire to do things. Is this a profound humanistic principal? Even boredom is beautiful.

It fills me with a profound sense of place to feel free to move my awareness from one to the next perspective, or to feel movement between them. Is this statement paradoxical? Who is in charge then? Is it my waking voice in my mind or something else?

To be offered surprise at every changing and detailed moment or awe at every shift in movement from one level of structure to another, to watch forms develop linearly, burst into chaotic turbulence and reform themselves along some other development that I can see in time or otherwise: this is amazing, this is my environment and I can feel myself, as a self portrait within it, the negative space of me even within my own body (as environment) as laid out in the outlines or the force vectors of interaction on every level including time.

Perspective itself is a profound statement, and the arts, by offering the audience an opportunity for it, to be present in it with some form as it is, or to participate in perception (the process of perspective in motion) are profound. To look is enough, something will be done.

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